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infrared interactive white board

Technical specifications & features

Dimension and Packing Specification
Physical Size 1780mm(W)X1190mm(H) X30(T)mm±2mm
Interactive Screen Area 1670mm(W)X1140mm(H)±2mm
Box packing size 1900mm(W)X1310mm(H)*90mm(T)±10mm
Proportion 4:3
Hardware Specifications
Touch sensor IR(Infrared) Technology
Positioning Accuracy <0.5mm
Cursor Speed 100dot/sec
Touch Resolution 4096x1096,Max.32767x32767
Respond Speed First dot (clck) : 25ms
Continuous dots (write) :8ms
Screen Surface Hard-coated steel surface, optimized for projection : compatible with dry-erase maker 9and water based pen.
PC Port USB 2.0, USB3.0
Accessories USB Cable Installation, CD User's Manual, Wall Mount Bracket with bracket with bracket, Screw Pen , 5m USB Cable
Power Supply/voltage/power USB power suplly/CD 4.6V-5.0V/<1W (200mA 5V)
Working Environment
temperature Working temperature : -10°C to 45°C
Working Humidity Operation : 10%-90% : Storage : 0-95%
Operating Humidity Driver free for Win7/Win8/win8.1(Linux/Max, driver reqired for Android and window of lower versions)
Multi Touch Two peolpe can write at the same time
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